Ile aux Cerfs & G.R.S.E Waterfall

Shared Basics Trip

Mauritius G.R.S.E Waterfall
Ile aux Cerfs

Welcome to our basics trip.


Make a whole day of Fun and Joy visiting the famous Ile aux cerfs island, discover the G.R.S.E waterfall have a delicious barbecue meal on the beautifull island Ile aux Mangenie and experience the speed, comfort and luxe on our Speedboat.


We built this trip specifically for you, with our skippers which are very friendly and will help you throughout your day and of course we carefully chose the best boats so that you can have a better experience for the complete day and take advantage of the magnificent scenario which offers to you. We are happy to welcome you to spend one full day on one of the most beautiful beaches of the Mauritius Island, to swim in the blue clear lagoon, to visit the waterfall of G.R.S.E, and to taste our barbecue.


We guarantee you one day full of enjoyment, satisfaction and many of unforgettable moments on-board of our speedboats and our services.


Our Ile aux Cerfs Island basics Speed boat trip includes:


- Full day trip in a comfort speed boat

- Visit to the Grand River South-East Waterfalls

- Snorkeling break in the lagoon

- BBQ lunch on Ilot Mangénie

- Enjoy and participate in the Mauritian Sega Show

- After lunch enjoy your free time on the beautiful beach of Ile aux Cerfs

The excursion begins at 9 O'clock in the morning from the beautiful beach of Trou D'eau Douce, first you will go in the direction of the G.R.S.E Waterfall during the way you will be able to discover the lagoon of Trou D'eau Douce in all its magnificence with its unique water coloration from light blue to blue which are due to the depth of the water in some places, on his coast a beautiful panorama of the Trou D'eau Douce village the view from the sea is exceptional, you will also see one of the biggest hotels of Mauritius, The 5 star hotel the Touessrock, and on the sea some small island which is formed only with rocks and sand a real refuge for fishes, Crabs and a great palce for fisherman.



As the speedboat continue his way, the Skipper will show you the island of Mangenie, The Mangenie island is completely surrounded by the sea, with many filao trees and beautiful beach, these little things keeps the quite beauty of the island.


After you have closed past the island of Mangenie, the skipper will continue his way to the waterfall of G.R.S.E you will be able to have an outline view of the famous Ile aux Cerfs island which are very beautiful and green, this side of the island can only be visible from boat.


As you approach the waterfall the skipper will cruise slowly along the waterfalls' canal for the beautiful view and you will notice that this part of the island always keep its wild vegetation with no modern life there. Once there you wil be amazed by the fabulous view of the waterfalls, you could also admire the vegetation on the river banks, and somestimes you can also see monkeys jumping and playing on the trees just besides the Waterfalls.


After the waterfall visits on your way to Ile aux Cerfs the skipper will going to make you discover a place in the lagoon which is considered like a natural swimming pool, as the waters are always blue and clearwith different tropical fish species and multiple colour corals, it is a must to explore the marine life here, the skipper will make the dream come true by making a break and let you enjoy a snorkeling moment in this beautiful place. Snorkeling equipement is provided by us.


As you have finish exploring the under sea world, you will be able to rest on the beautiful beach of Ile au Cerfs island, where you can refresh yourself or take a sunbathing at the edge of the turquoise water crystallized by the sun. all the ingredient are here to make your moment an unforgettable one.


To do not break your relaxing moment, you will have the rigth to choose your lunch time between 12 O'clock to 13 pm, because lunch is on the Mangenie island at only 10 minutes from Ile aux Cerfs.


As you ariving the beautiful Mangenie Island you will see that The Mauritius Storm Boats Barbecue is a open nature restaurant which is  just in front of the 5 Stars Hotel the Touessrock.


The Mangenie island is unique and his category and we will be very glad to make you discover the little piece of heaven, this open nature restaurant, with the Filaos trees all around to give you shade, the sand under feet will keep you know that you are outdoor, the sound of the sea in your ear will let you know that you are not dreaming and that you are taking lunch at the seaside. Each table has its own covered to you do not have direct sunlight. 


 As you sit on your table the waiter and the cook are ready to serve you, the lunch start by tasting a Mauritian café (Rum and coke) followed by grilled fresh fish fishing at the eve accompany by bread, tropical salad and wine, the lunch continue by Chicken Barbecue marinate in our secret sauce and follow by a delicious fresh grilled Lobster or Gam- bass if you have taken the following option (Gam-Bass or Lobster), at least not the last the lunch will end by the dessert, fresh Pineapple and Flame Banana accompany by tipique Mauritian sega show which you can take part of it, like dancing and sing with the musicians.


during the barbecue the drinks are unlimited.


After the lunch, you have the choice - Enjoy the rest of the day on the beach of Ilot Mangénie Island, or, you can also take the speed boat for another visit of Ile aux Cerfs island. There, you can continue your visit of the island, spend your free time on the beach or enjoy our water activities.



Boats Transfer Time

The boat make transfer every 30 min from ile aux Cerfs to Trou D'eau Douce or Trou D'eau Douce to Ile aux Cerf, accordingly you benefit maximum flexibility on the exact time you can start / end the tour, for the waterfall visit time, it decide on the very same day that the trip are make because it depends of the tide.


Option 4: Package Trip + Lunch include drinks

Trou D'eau Douce - Ile aux Cerfs - G.R.S.E Waterfall -Trou D'eau Douce + Lunch

Lunch Menu : Fish BBQ

                         Chicken BBQ

                         Tropical Salad


Dessert: Flame Banana & Fresh Pineapple

Drinks : Water, Soft Drinks, Wine(Red, Rosé and White), Beer and Local Rum.
For additonal extras in the Lunch : Gam Bass BBQ 

                                                            : Lobster BBQ(500 Grms) 


Option 5 : Transfer


Trou D'eau Douce - Ile aux Cerfs - Trou D'eau Douce


Option 6 : Transfer + waterfall Visit


Trou D'eau Douce - G.R.S.E Waterfall- Ile aux Cerfs - Trou D'eau Douce

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Booking an activity for a prefered Date : When choosing the option to order an activity for a specific date, you need asked us your preferred  date for the activity as part of the order process. Please note that In case your order an activity which takes more than 1 Day (Diving courses), the prefferd date represents the date on which you would like to start the activity.